La Box Créawine

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The interactive wine workshop

Verre vin olfactif

Find the wine that is done for you

The wine workshop at home

You have always dreamed of knowing the wines you really enjoy? To become a wine tasting expert ?

Then this box is done for you. Click on the button, order and receive a box at home.

Thanks to CréaWine® you will realize your own « assemblage » (cuvée)at home, with your friends and become a tasting wine expert thanks to a wine course online with the founder Laetitia OUSPOINTOUR.

The box

It contains

La box CréaWine ouverte avec tout ses élements


I meet

The growers receive you at home and introduce themselves


I meet

Follow a wine tasting with others and make the wine you like thanks to pipettes


I discover

Thanks to the results of your own wine mix, you will receive a document that gives you your aromas profil and the wine that you really enjoy

Thanks to a video

An introduction to the concept

The founder : Laetitia OUSPOINTOUR

Wine grower and founder CréaWine®

Graduated in Bordeaux wine university and sommelier for many years abroad. Laetitia has grown in a family of wine grower close to Saint Emilion, at Château Vieux Mougnac where they have been organic for 5 generations.

Lock down became an opportunity to put her job « in a box » so that the art of tasting became accessible from home. The interactive wine workshop CréaWine® is a wine tasting course during which participants make the own assemblage and wine.

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